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Soap Savers...poly nylon mesh Soap BAGS- set of TWO 2 Large eco bags


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Fall Celebration Nature Wrist CUFF Burn Orange, Green Fabric Leaves, Double Snaps, Wearable Art


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#30- 6 (Six) Black Leather BUTTONS- size 30- 3/4- inch- set of 6


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Sweet Hearts and Cupids 1 inch Button Pierced Dangle Earrings Red Hearts, Vintage Hearts, Black, White and Red Cupids and Arrows


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Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie 1.50 Inch Button Badge Retractable Reel clip on Work Id Employee Card holder


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LARGE Flannel Hair Bow Headband Adult Big, LG cosplay or costume in Red, White, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Black or Purple


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...Unique Handmade Goods

Welcome to my Shop on Zibbet!
I create quality, handmade goods from my own patterns and designs. Fun Fantasy Accessories, Eco-Friendly Kitchen and Bath cloths, Hand-Pressed Buttons, ABEO (Art Canvas Buttons) in regular acrylic-primed or Watercolor canvas.
.....From my hands to your heart.