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#36- 4 (Four) Black Leather BUTTONS- Size 36- 7/8 inch 22mm- set of 4


Item collection 2171362 original

#30- 6 (Six) Black Leather BUTTONS- size 30- 3/4- inch- set of 6


Item collection 1610979 original

Bright and Striped Fabric crafters BUTTONS ...Four-4-Size 45


Item collection 569362 original

Organic Cotton Fabric Coffee Filter #4 in pack of 1 or 2 filters


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Art Button Badge Reels with retractable cord Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring


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Betty Boop Retractable Badge Reel 1.50" Button, Long Cord, Work Id, Employee Card Holder, Spring or Belt Clip Back


Item collection 74bb1b52 0719 4cb6 a791 57a660249aa4

Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie 1.50 Inch Button Badge Retractable Reel clip on Work Id Employee Card holder


Item collection 84572ad2 92f7 4d39 b6b4 114ae03f548a

Royalty Crowns 1.50 inch Button Badge Retractable Reel for your Work Id holder in Hot Pink, Purple or Light Pink with Light or Dark Crowns


Item collection 931f91a0 288b 4c73 8b4e 6e27abbb48d8

Clean or Dirty DISHWASHER Kitchen Magnet 2.25 inch mylar covered button


Item collection 9a357461 e173 457f 8120 87ea58615314

Dirty - Clean DISHWASHER Kitchen 2.25 inch Magnet mylar covered Button


...Unique Handmade Goods

Welcome to my Shop on Zibbet!
I create quality, handmade goods from my own patterns and designs. Fun Fantasy Accessories, Eco-Friendly Kitchen and Bath cloths, Hand-Pressed Buttons, ABEO (Art Canvas Buttons) in regular acrylic-primed or Watercolor canvas.
.....From my hands to your heart.