Red FASCINATOR "Rosie" Red teardrop base with Large Ribbon Rose, netting, Red Sparkle Leaves, Hairclip, Fantasy Adornment, Dress, Burlesque


Dirty - Clean DISHWASHER Kitchen 2.25 inch Magnet mylar covered Button


I Need Coffee! Badge Reel... 1.5 inch mylar covered button for your work id , name badge, employee id


Set of TWO (2) Organic Cotton Fabric Coffee Filter #4 Cone Shaped for Drip Coffee Makers


Sweet Hearts and Cupids Pierced Dangle Beaded Earrings 1 inch Button Choice of Designs


Readers, Glasses Leash Class Beads Golden Fishies for adding handmade fun fashion to your Sunglasses or Readers Gold, White, Black Beads


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Welcome to my Shop on Zibbet!
I create quality, handmade goods from my own patterns and designs. Fun Fantasy Accessories, Eco-Friendly Kitchen and Bath cloths, Hand-Pressed Buttons, ABEO (Art Canvas Buttons) in regular acrylic-primed or Watercolor canvas.
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