Readers, Glasses Leash Class Beads Golden Fishies for adding handmade fun fashion to your Sunglasses or Readers Gold, White, Black Beads


Set of Two (2)-Lightweight Lime Green Mesh Produce Bags for weighing on In Store Scale and for Home Storage Large Drawstring


Soap Savers...Soft polymesh Soap BAGS- set of TWO (2) Large eco green bags


Happy Birthday! Kiss Me, It's my Birthday! Red Lips or a Mustache Design on a 2.25 inch Pinback Badge Button


Fantasy HAIR COMB "Lora" One (1) White Wedding Honeymoon, Party, Holidays, Dress up, Wired Pearlized Beads with Sheer Netting


Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie 1.50 Inch Button Badge Retractable Reel clip on Work Id Employee Card holder


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...Unique Handmade Goods

Welcome to my Shop on Zibbet!
I create quality, handmade goods from my own patterns and designs. Fun Fantasy Accessories, Eco-Friendly Kitchen and Bath cloths, Hand-Pressed Buttons, ABEO (Art Canvas Buttons) in regular acrylic-primed or Watercolor canvas.
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