I Need Coffee! Badge Reel... 1.5 inch mylar covered button for your work id , name badge, employee id

$10.00 USD



Product Description

Badge Reel
1.5 inch Mylar Covered Button

Designs to choose from:
I Need.... Coffee!

1.5 inch Mylar Button
inkjet printed image on paper
The Button is securely glued into place using an industrial strength adhesive.

Mylar button wipes clean (but, do not submerge in water)
Black plastic badge retractable reel.
Strong nylon cord
Clear snap strap for ID Badge

Assorted clips-I will ship what is available in that design (Belt or Spring Clip) unless you have a preference and if you do.. please, write it in the comments to seller.

Clips on:
Shirt pockets, necklines, jackets, lab coats, tote bags or purse straps.

The badge reels are ready to ship unless you require a custom design or different clip on back. If I am out of stock on a particular design.. I can make you a custom one and it will be ready in about 4 days. The adhesive needs to cure for at least 3 days before they are shipped.

Makes a great gift for friends, relatives.

Shipping Included

*Need a custom design...contact me!

I Need Coffee!  Badge Reel...  1.5 inch mylar covered button for your work id ,

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